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Friday, January 05, 2007


This blog has been discontinued as of January 5, 2007. Even though there won't be any more posts on this blog, this is not in any way the end of blogging:

SDtektiv's blogs:

ESS DEE TEK TIV SDtektiv's personal blog

REPriiSENT! articles about the Nintendo Wii and its culture. A team blog that SDtektiv is proud to be a part of.

Why didn't I just delete this blog? Never delete your blog. Well there are links to it that I have a placed in places like in forum signatures, which means that it is valuable. I have personally seen other blogs get stolen by being deleted or changing their URL, it's not pretty. I wouldn't want for a spambot to steal this URL and wreak havoc would I?

So, it is better to make a post like this one, and disable comments (spammers can get you that way too). A thing that is closer to deleting your blog, is deleting all the posts, but I want to leave them here to show my grandchildren when I get old. I can say I was there when Online Console Gaming surged.

So, if my grandchildren are reading this in the future, hi grandchildren!